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The products of Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods are prepared with mixtures containing an irrelevant amount of carbohydrates, consisting of balanced vegetable proteins and vegetable fibres.

From the processing of these mixtures are obtained non carbohydrate products which can be substituted for traditional flour.

The protein, complex chains of amino acids that are the building blocks of life, are important for many of the chemical reactions that occur in the human body.

Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods do not cause kidney problems because they contain vegetable and non animal protein.

The fibre plays an important role in the prevention of intestinal cancers and improving constipation.

Healthy eating is a key element for the improvement and protection of our lives.

The spread of this culture enhances well-being and health without having to give up the taste of food.

In healthy individuals the use of these products, combined with a fair and balanced lifestyle allows a higher consumption of fatty substances.

It has been shown that when you follow a diet devoid of carbohydrates the body uses more fat reserves as a source of energy.

Non carbohydrate diet is not a low-calorie diet, but a ketogenic diet that must take into account only the elimination of carbohydrates.

A non carbohydrate diet allows ingestion of high amount of fats.

When you reach the look you want, bearing in mind very significant reductions in weight and/or weight loss for a very long time needs a doctor's monitoring. One can gradually return to carbohydrates while gradually decreasing the use of Le Gamberi Ketogenic Foods, until you return to a normal diet.

Proper nutrition, associated with a physically active lifestyle, helps fight obesity and the consequential health risks.

The fibre, for a good intestinal transit, creates the need to drink 2 litres or more of daily water intake.

The advantages of a carbohydrate-free diet

carbohydrate-free diet

Among the various dietary strategies aimed at fat loss, one that has proven most effective in recent years, in clinical practice for many doctors but also in the international scientific literature, at least in the short to medium term (up to two years) is definitely the VLCD (Very Low Carbo Diet) diet.

The VLCD has proven best in weight loss as compared to traditional "balanced" diets while improving many blood parameters such as Triglycerides, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol.

However, due to its effectiveness, these products have become famous, causing a partial brake on its wider applicability, obviously causing a reduction of food-based carbohydrates in our culture which we have become accustomed to and to which our neighbours are addicted.

This problem can be overcome with the adoption of foods that, while preserving the organoleptic appearance of carbohydrates, are almost totally lacking in them.

And so the pasta, bread, croissants, biscuits, plum cake, bread sticks, the sweet and savoury biscuits, pizza, snacks, chocolate and so on, prepared with non carbohydrate mixtures, allow one to use a diet without annoying feelings of deprivation.

The Gamberi Foods sells food prepared with forms and types are very similar to the traditional ones (pasta, bread, pastries, cookies, crackers, breadsticks, sweet and savoury biscuits, pizza, snacks, chocolate, etc.) with non carbohydrate mixtures, allowing you to eat whenever you are hungry.

Mixtures used to produce these foods are composed exclusively of VEGETABLES PROTEINS and PLANT FIBRES.

1 - balanced VEGETABLE PROTEINScontain essential and non-essential amino acids in a balanced quantity to provide a comprehensive amino acid framework. They are exclusively derived from plants.

Le Gamberi Foods products do not cause kidney problems because they contain vegetable and non animal proteins.

2 - VEGETABLE FIBRES - Soluble and insoluble

Vegetable fibres are primarily composed of cellulose and carbohydrates which are indigestible by humans but are digestible by ruminant animals and are normally used to treat constipation. Their presence in power has been demonstrated to be important in the prevention of colon cancer.

A non carbohydrate diet allows intake of high amounts of fat.

To force the body to trigger the lipolysis mechanism (utilisation of fat reserves) and to cause ketosis, it is essential to eliminate all sources of sugar: starches (pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, legumes), glucose, fructose, sucrose and lactose .

Together with the non carbohydrate products you can eat all kinds of meat and fish, sausages and cheese, raw and green leafy vegetables along with fruits containing few carbohydrates.

You can also use all fats: olive oil, butter, cream, mascarpone.

It is always important to note the distinction: if you ingest carbohydrates (both simple sugars such as sweets or complex sugars - starch - such as pasta) then fat should not be issued; if you do not introduce carbohydrates, you can introduce fat.

This is because the simultaneous introduction of a highly calorific nutrient such as fat along with a nutrient (carbohydrates) which generally stimulates the accumulation of energy promotes the storage of fat.

During this type of diet, it is not necessary to count calories as due to minimal (below 20 g/day) intake of carbohydrates (starches, or simple sugars) the body is "forced" to use alternative routes such as ketosis and neoglucogenesis. The first process, ketosis, breaks down stored fats to provide energy through ketone bodies (which are also used by the CNS as an energy source in place of glucose), while the second process "creates" glucose from amino acids.


Carbohydrates play important functions in our body: they are a source of direct energy (blood glucose), an energy reserve (glycogen) and are used by the brain as fuel as well as are used to perform other metabolic functions. But what happens when we remove carbohydrates from out diet? Initially, the body has to adapt to this condition, which again, is physiological and uses glucose reserves accumulated in the tissues (glycogen); once this exhausted it begins to produce glucose from amino acids (derived from the protein) and, after some days, glycerol content of triglycerides is utilised. The glucose is necessary to produce pyruvate which, transformed into oxaloacetate, is crucial for the correct operation of the Krebs cycle (to use acetyl-coenzyme-A derived from nutrients as an energy source). If there is a lesser amount of glucose (or too much fat) available acetyl-coenzyme-A accumulates and turns into ketone bodies at this point that will be used by the tissues and the brain as an important and efficient energy source.

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Le Gamberi's ketogenic foods is the ketogenic alternative.

It has been in business for over 10 years and has been run by experts who have adequate knowledge and know how to communicate each detail.

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